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Birchwood Casey Silicone Cloth 30001

Birchwood Casey Silicone Cloth 30001
MSRP: $6.30
Our Price:  $5.95 
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Quantity:  Each  
Description:  Gun & Reel
Manufacturer:  Birchwood Casey
Manu Part No:  30001
Model:  SGRC
Alt. Model:  Silicone
Packaging:  Poly Bag
Type:  Cloth
UPC:  029057300017

Sometimes manufacturers will change an item and we may have outdated images - we carry factory new inventory. We cannot guranatee item packaging as manufacturers change packaging styles often. If you are unsure of the details of this item or if it will fit, please contact us before purchase.

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Birchwood Casey Silicone Cloth 30001