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How to Buy a Firearm in Colorado

Purchasing a firearm in Colorado is quite easy!  Main thing to keep in mind, especially for handguns, is you have to prove your residency in the state.  This is easily accomplished with a current/valid drivers license.  If your drivers license does not have your current residence in the state on the front, please bring another government document with your current Colorado address such as a vehicle registration or tax document (has to be a government document).

Rifles and shotguns can be purchased by anyone with a current/valid drivers license from any of the 49 US states (excludes California residents - military stationed in Colorado is OK).  There is no Colorado residency requirement for rifles and shotguns.

Military can use your drivers license (any of the 50 US states) and a copy of your PCS (permanent change of station) orders to prove residency in the state.

Once you have brought your drivers license and any other necessary documents with you, you will be asked to fill out the Federal 4473 Firearms Transaction Record form.  It asks basic information and questions to be sure you can legally purchase a firearm.  We then are required to run a background check (normally submitted electronically and generally takes 5-15 minutes to get the results).  That's all there is to it!  No waiting period either!  Purchase a firearm and take it home with you that day!

If you have any questions about documentation or the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Common questions and tips:

  1. Can I purchase a firearm as a gift?  Yes you can legally purchase a firearm as a gift.  If the person you are giving it to can legally purchase a firearm to your knowledge, and they are immediate family (spouse, child, parent) you can gift it to them no problem.  If they are more distant family or friend, you will need to bring them in and do a private transfer of the firearm to them.
  2. You have to 21 or over to purchase handguns and 18 or over to purchase rifles/shotguns.
  3. Ammo can be purchased with a firearm in store - cannot ship them together.  You have to be 21 or over to purchase handgun ammo and 18 or over to purchase rifle/shotgun ammo.
  4. If you are a felon or have a warrant for your arrest, do not attempt to purchase a firearm.
  5. Marijuana use may be legal in Colorado, but firearms purchases are also governed by Federal law, so it is still illegal to purchase a firearm if you are addicted or use marijuana or other controlled substances.  If you reek of marijuana, you will be asked to leave the store as we cannot sell a firearm to you.
  6. If you are a non-resident alien, you will need to bring your green card or other documentation with you.
  7. If you have a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking or threatening your child or intimate partner or child of such partner - do not attempt to purchase a firearm.